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Nationally Published in 4 Magazines!

As the excitement of being published in the Senior Year Magazine "BEST OF 2023" edition continues to buzz, I wanted to take a moment to share the magic that led to this achievement. Several of my images were published, including my article interview with one of my seniors (which appears in each magazine), which means 3 magazines!

Our Senior Team really brought their creativity and passion into their senior sessions, and I'm honored to showcase their images that were published! The BEST OF 2023 edition was released as a 3 volume set, with the top images in the TOP 200 edition, so basically 4!

WHAT was so SPECIAL about this edition is that I had an opportunity to interview one of my seniors, who shares some encouraging words on how to overcome the challenges that many teens face today! Do you struggle at times, feel overwhelmed, and wonder what to do when "LIFE BE LIFIN'?!" 🤪. Check out my article with Jamila Washington! > ARTICLE

Published in both

Senior Year Magazine: Best of 2023


Senior Year Magazine: The Top 200

One of the exclusive perks of being on the KEP Senior Team, is the opportunity to have your image published in both national and international magazines!! Every season, I submit images of my amazing seniors into contests along with several other photographers. To have any of my images selected among the thousands of images submitted is definitely rewarding and humbling!


We'd love to have you join our KEP Senior Team for an opportunity to meet new friends, be in a fun environment where you are encouraged and celebrated for your uniqueness, and participate in events, in addition to your Senior Experience! Click here to GET STARTED!



In addition to having access to special events, mentorship opportunities, and recognition, being part of the senior team opens doors to exciting opportunities like having their story featured in prestigious publications, with a chance to inspire and encourage the teens across the nation! These magazines are cherished by other seniors, parents, and families as keepsakes and senior gifts.

Congratulations to the seniors published in this edition!!

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