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Best Time to Book Your Senior Session?!

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

NOW = FOR JUNIORS & SENIORS - for many reasons 😉

THE absolute best time to schedule your Senior Photoshoot is the NOW. Juniors, I begin booking sessions dates the SUMMER BEFORE your senior year. You may think it’s the time of year when you want to have fun, spend time with your friends, or even feel like you have tons of time before the school year starts....But even though that feels forever away – NOW is the best time to go ahead and schedule your senior portraits!

First DIBs on Session Dates!🌟

I know some of you are thinking it’s early to start planning your session. But the truth is, boutique photographers like myself love having the time to get to know you and plan your perfect senior session. Summer and fall are the busiest months of the year, and we want to be sure we can fit your session in. So the sooner you meet with us – the easier it is for us to schedule your session and then start the fun of planning all the details! My summer session clients typically choose to have follow-up sessions in the fall or winter to capture their seasonal interest or just to take advantage of the beautiful change in the landscape.

Danae booked my first summer session last year and it meant she had the first senior portraits to show off to her friends. She even had time to include an add-on in the Fall. Plus summer sessions mean fun, breezy outfits, and lots of vibrant color!

Gorgeous Green Scenery🌟

With the spring rains, summer usually provides us with the most beautiful, lush green landscapes! I know a lot of people love the idea of fall colors, but it can be hard to time the changing colors of the leaves and if you wait too long – all the color will be gone. In the summer, we hardly seem to lack for color. Whether it’s grassy meadows, leafy forest trees or fields of corn – the color is everywhere this time of year!

Even in downtown locations you can find gorgeous green goodness to bring life and color to your portraits!

Beat the Yearbook Deadline🌟

By scheduling your senior portraits in the summer, we can ensure you’ll have amazing photos already prepared to submit to your school’s yearbook before their deadline rolls around, which is typically around November & December for our local high schools.

Longer Days Means More Daylight🌟

In the fall and winter, the sun sets pretty early. We tend to start sessions at 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon that time of year, which can be difficult for you with school getting out at 2:30 or 3:00. But in the summer we can shoot much later with the sun staying out until 8:30 pm! This means we photographers have even more flexibility to fit you into our schedule, & it’s also easier to find more convenient times for your session if mom and/or dad want to tag along after they get off work.

You would never know that the portrait of Sydney was taken at 7 pm! Even in the evenings we got awesome light in the summer.

The School Year is Busy🌟

The number one reason I encourage my seniors to schedule summer sessions is you are all SO busy! You do so many things! From student government to sports, not to mention school work, Home Coming, time with your friends, and even jobs – it can be hard to fit your senior session in!

Summer is when you tend to have the most free time. Once the school year starts up – your schedule is going to get so busy you might not have time for your senior session.

Joshlyn is one of my seniors who had a very busy school year and reached out to me late in November. Her session was scheduled in December, and it was so cold, we planned for the session to be 30min outside & the remaining time in the studio. Her portraits turned out amazing and it was awesome working with her – but I’m sure she would have preferred the warmer weather..

Last Minute Probs🌟

Finally, waiting until October to book your senior photo session definitely makes things trickier. Most professional photographers are completely booked, let's face it, it's cold. Rushing to do your pictures instead of having time to plan a cool beach photoshoot, or carnival experience, just isn't the same.

Before you know it, it’s spring and you’re graduating and you never had a chance to capture this turning point in your life. Nothing breaks my heart more than a senior who missed out on our awesome senior experience, and doesn’t have anything to look back on and remember how amazing they were at this time in their lives!

I know it seems like summer just started and you have tons of time! I know some of you are wanting fall or winter sessions. But this summer is going to zip by SUPER fast! So let’s make this summer awesome! I want to meet with you, get to know you, and plan a session with you that’s going to capture who you are all in all your gorgeous, unique, quirky, fun awesomeness! You’re only a high school senior once! Let’s capture and preserve this fleeting moment in time!

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Scott Miller
Scott Miller
29 de jun. de 2021

TONS of great information. Always book early, you never know when an issue will come up.

Kimlon Jackson
Kimlon Jackson
01 de jul. de 2021
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Thank you!!!

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