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Prep for Your Session

It's all in the details!  


These are the little things that help ensure successful images are captured.  When it comes time for your photo session, there is some preparing for it that needs to happen. The clothes, the time of year, the location, and the theme of what we want to capture in your images. I'm here to help you through this process!

What Do I Wear?


High school seniors, your outfits should reflect your personality and main intersts. I recommend a dressy outfit, then a more casual one. The dressier outfit should be timeless and classic, as it will be something treasured for 20 years or more.  Natural, solid colors will photograph the best (blues, greens, grays, whites).  Think about layers and accessories that can be worn to add a variety of looks per outfit.  


For your casual shots anything goes!  Think of everything from head to toe. You want these images to capture who you are right now. So the fun "in style" outfits are fare game. Don't forget the jewelry, and cute shoes. Think about textures like your favorite jeans or jacket, scarves, boots, belts, bracelets, sunglasses, hats, etc. The more things we can experiment with the better. Bring lots of options. These are the shots we have fun with. 


If you have a sport, hobby, instrument you play, bring the jersey or uniform, instrument, or any other accessory so we can capture some images in it.  Your sports and casual images are to show  your personality in the things you love. These should be fun and expressive.


Families, pick three colors. Have each family member pick and wear two of the three. This type of continuity brings the whole picture together.  This can be fun - Super Hero themed, casual - lifestyle type theme, or dressy.  Think about favorite toys, stuffed animals, or even your family pet!  

Check out my Pinterest boards for more inspiration!

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