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Senior Survey

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YES!!  You are in the right place if you're looking for a custom & unique Senior Photo Experience you can't get anywhere else.  

Fill out the form below to begin your KEP Senior ExperienceI have limited slots available, so submit today to get on the list!

I will contact you to schedule a free consultation.

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NOTE:  We will contact your parent about your application, so be SURE they are aware before your apply 😊 You must enter their contact information above or your application will be disqualified.

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List any clubs, sports, or hobbies you are passionate about, include in school activities and anything you are involved in outside of school. 

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Why do you want to be a KEP Senior Rep? ​ & What qualities would you bring to to the KEP Senior Rep Team?​


BONUS: Enter  friends you feel would be a great candidate for our KEP Senior Rep 2025 team? Leave their name, email address, or IG name and I will make sure they get the application!

Have you discussed the KEP Senior Rep Program with your parent(s)?

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