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Amazing Journey 💙

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

As I sit here thinking about this beautiful family, I’m so incredibly humbled to have the opportunity to capture this amazing journey from maternity to now! ~ including Ezra’s Fresh 48, Newborn, and 1st Birthday!

My gorgeous cousin Ary was willing to let me practice maternity photography with her family, and I am forever grateful. This session was magical from the first photo taken of Nova, to the end.


Here are some highlights from the amazing maternity session!


It’s amazing how tiny they are at birth & how fast they grow. Capturing babies within the first 48 hours is a special session I offer my clients! This Lifestyle based session is fun and quick, taken while in the hospital.


Scheduled 3mos before your due date (around 24 weeks), this session is penciled in, with a deposit to hold the slot during the week of the expected delivery date! Then adjusted should your baby decide to make their grand entrance sooner (or later 😂). We plan everything from the colors to the overall theme of the session, and I come to your home! Click here to learn more about booking your own newborn session: !

Ezra somehow knew this was a special day and tried his best to stay awake the entire time! 😂💙😜. We were able to get some precious portraits with MUCH patience.


Ezra was all smiles during his 1st Birthday Session! One look at those balloons and he was off to the races! 😂. This fit perfectly into my candid style of photography, allowing him to play and me to chase him with my camera! I can’t wait until we create some one of a kind, heirloom quality, wall art and albums. It’s truly been an honor to see him grow and experience this journey with this beautiful family, my family!!💙

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