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How it all works...

Thanks for considering Kim Elise Photography for your portrait session!  Our goal is to keep our process simple and straightforward.  When you contact us to schedule a session, we set up 3 appointments: the consultation, the session, and ordering appointment.  

1)  Initial Consultation - during this meeting, we discuss your needs including the session style, clothing, and even the finished product.  This usually takes about 45 minutes.  


2)  The Sessiontakes place as planned, about a week later.  Session fees begin at $100, and include photographers time and talent only.

3)  Ordering appointment - takes place 7-10 days after the session.  It is at this appointment you'll see the final images from your session and place your order.  Since of all that's covered at the consultation, there's no surprises or pressure; just excitement to choose which images will be going where!  And as always, we're here to help you choose which images and size are appropriate for each area of your home. 

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